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Welcome to my blog CLOUD BORN!

Welcome to my blog, and join me on my Cloud journey!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new blog! This blog will focus on Microsoft Cloud technology which I work with every day. It will provide information about Azure, Office 365, Cloud Computing, and everything else Microsoft.

If you're interested in cloud technology, especially Microsoft's approaches to the cloud, then this blog is for you.

The focus here is on Azure, Office 365, and other Microsoft Cloud technologies. I'll have articles about how to use these services as well as information about their inner workings and what goes on in the community.

I’ll share my experiences, opinions, and discoveries as I learn more.

Blogging can be an effective way for people to share their expertise and experiences with the world—and not just when you're a famous tech prodigy or media guru.

"So, why a blog? Well, one of the best ways to learn is to teach, so maybe by sharing what I learn, I will learn even more. After all, it is those who know that they know nothing that are wise."

This reminds me of when I started writing and working in the Video Game industry back in the late 90s and I started up FRAG.COM and helped found QUAKECON. To be honest, my first few articles were pretty bad! But after receiving feedback and improving with every article, I eventually gained enough confidence to start writing more and built a thriving community. This experience taught me an important lesson: if you keep learning from your mistakes and improving on them each time, you'll get better at whatever it is that you're doing. I've applied that to my life and my professional career, and I figure it's about time to start talking about my passion for Technology and Cloud.

I hope to share everything I know about Microsoft cloud technology in this blog!

I hope to share everything I know about Microsoft cloud technology in this blog!

Azure, Office 365, Cloud Computing, Microsoft, Technology, and the Microsoft Cloud are all terms you'll probably hear in the next few years if you work with technology. In short: it's a lot of fun to be involved with these technologies and platforms at the moment!



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