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Hi! I'm Jonathan

I am a multi-linguist of technology-driven business. I speak fluent geek, business politico, compliance, developer, marketer, trainer, and difficult client. Understanding means fewer problems, and problems cost a fortune.

I work out of my home office in Portland, Oregon for AIS, but this blog, its content and opinions are my own. This blog is where you can follow my cloud journey learning how to keep up with technology that changes weekly. Think of it more as, um, forced adoption through aggressive guerrilla marketing. I'm excited about community, social equality, technology, entrepreneurship, and above all, the right to open Internet access.

I'm currently the Director of Cloud Services Practice at AIS, where I'm leading teams of Solutions Architects & Engineers. I'm responsible for the direction and execution of delivery center activities. This includes the successful delivery of all projects under my practice area and a close alignment to Sales, Accounts, and Marketing for Business Development to sell and deliver the best Cloud services possible. 


Previously, I was the global Principal Engineer leading CDK Global (formerly an ADP company), where I helped architect the infrastructure to create a new fortune 500 company ($9b+ market cap) in less than 15 months. My responsibilities included core enterprise infrastructure and the primary revenue-generating Cloud SaaS service provider product offerings for the US and Global markets.

I’m an avid gamer, and I founded FRAG.COM and co-founded the QuakeCon Lan Party - the world's largest LAN party, growing from 40 gamers to 40,000 every year, with over 10,000 volunteers logging hundreds of thousands of hours.


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